Monday, July 8, 2013

Arts Center of Cannon County

Sometimes it is so easy to overlook the little gems that surround us in our everyday lives.  The other day Chris and I were driving to Murfreesboro and we decided to stop in to the Arts Center of Cannon County.

Cannon Arts Center photo cannoncountyartscenter_zpsffa3ef10.jpg

The Arts Center is something we both have driven past so many times without a second thought.  I knew the center was a playhouse but, other than that, I had no idea what went on inside.  Well, I quickly found out that this place is so much more than a stage for plays.

The center is really a combination of museum, art gallery, playhouse, and much more.  When we stopped in we found that the center was hosting an exhibit of photos by Hilda Stewart, the mother of county music star Marty Stewart.  The exhibit was in conjunction with the publication of her photo book, Choctaw Gardens. The pictures were right up my alley; lots of black and white photos that really documented her surrounding from her teenage years through adulthood.  There were lots of pictures of her son, Marty, from his childhood  and of his rise into a country music star.

We also saw an exhibit entitled "Music Springs" that was made up of music-themed folk art.

cannon arts center photo photo2_zps68603e78.jpg

 It was neat to see these two things combined.  These are a few of the pictures I snapped of some of the art pieces:

 photo 37b6e35a-ae06-4c16-a48c-75acd58730bf_zps09a52890.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsfb3152dc.jpg

 photo 3f9cf883-992c-47de-bafe-ab86be230202_zps4f167ce0.jpg

My favorite part was probably the gift shop which focuses on local artists and their products.  There was a wide variety of items to browse including handmade baskets, pottery, and many other unique products.

 photo 5bbe666d-bc8e-4426-b924-f61cb711d8b5_zps55250243.jpg

 photo 3cf3644d-ae60-41cc-b4fd-f1c8eb0317a1_zpsa4c7694c.jpg

 photo photo5_zps3648d0f2.jpg

 photo photo4_zpsf4f7c291.jpg

cannon arts center photo photo3_zpsb22baaca.jpg

The most unique thing we ran across were lamps made out of gourds.  I had never seen anything like them and I was really fascinated by them.

cannon arts center photo photo4_zpsdcf49cff.jpg

cannon arts center photo photo5_zpsed21fe02.jpg

I am so happy that Chris and I decided to drop in and find out what the Arts Center is all about and my only regret is that we didn't stop in sooner!  Every community has places like this that most locals seem to overlook.  What do you have in your backyard just waiting to be discovered or even re-discovered?


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Sounds fun! It's always nice to explore and find little gems like this to make your day more interesting.

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